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Javascript Object Instantiation and Prototypes

This is part of series on javascript mechanics I’m writing – mainly for my own benefit but also to help those shy server developers out there venture into the mysterious land of the ‘client side’. In my last post I … Continue reading

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Copying Jquery Validation from one element to another

A simple note to self about copying jquery validations on one element to another. 1. First get the validation rules pertaining to the element you want to copy from using the validation jquery extensions var rules = $(‘#elementtocopy’).rules(); 2. The … Continue reading

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Using Unobtrusive Ajax Forms in ASP.Net MVC3

This post covers how to use the new unobtrusive libraries in MVC3 to provide an improved form submission user experience utilising AJAX. The idea is to have the whole form contents submitted and then replaced by the server generated … Continue reading

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Resolving Instances using Delegates in Unity

Introduction In previous posts, I have covered bootstrapping Unity in MVC, using Unity as a DependencyResolver in MVC and using Unity in conjunction with WCF services. I am going to extend the Unity theme a little bit more and describe … Continue reading

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NHibernate vs EntityFramework – Experience From the Real World

I got asked today what I considered in choosing NHibernate or Entity Framework. This is a modified version of my response. General Function Both are object relational mappers capable of working with POCO objects, ie objects that are built without … Continue reading

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