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A few ideas to improve NHibernate performance

I’m currently working a project with a major focus on insert – throughput and I’d thought I mention a few things I’ve done to improve that throughout that are departures from your typical CRUD .Net application. Don’t use identities. They … Continue reading

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Using CodeContracts Reference Assemblies in Client Applications

It is useful when designing interfaces to be able to define the design-contracts for those interfaces, however because interfaces cannot contain code, CodeContracts cannot be written for them directly. Instead, contracts are defined through the of “buddy” contract abstract classes … Continue reading

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EntityFramework–What’s in it for Microsoft?

I can’t understand why Microsoft persists with the EntityFramework development. Don’t get me wrong, the project isn’t necessarily terminally flawed or anything, but what is their corporate motivation? Can they go their shareholders and demonstrably show that development of the … Continue reading

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