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NHibernate vs EntityFramework – Experience From the Real World

I got asked today what I considered in choosing NHibernate or Entity Framework. This is a modified version of my response. General Function Both are object relational mappers capable of working with POCO objects, ie objects that are built without … Continue reading

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WCFContext and Inversion of Control in WCF with Unity and ServiceLocator

Introduction In previous posts here and here, I have covered configuring Unity for MVC. I am going to build upon those posts and cover configuring Unity as an Inversion of Control (IOC) container for WCF, so that patterns such … Continue reading

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The simplest Entity Framework Code First Demo Ever

I’ve downloaded VS2010 SP1 Beta, EntityFramework CTP 5 and SQLCE tooling for VS2010 Beta. Today I want to create the SIMPLEST demo to show it hangs together. It will not take long!! 1. Create a new console app. 2. Add … Continue reading

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