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EntityFramework–What’s in it for Microsoft?

I can’t understand why Microsoft persists with the EntityFramework development. Don’t get me wrong, the project isn’t necessarily terminally flawed or anything, but what is their corporate motivation? Can they go their shareholders and demonstrably show that development of the … Continue reading

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NHibernate vs EntityFramework – Experience From the Real World

I got asked today what I considered in choosing NHibernate or Entity Framework. This is a modified version of my response. General Function Both are object relational mappers capable of working with POCO objects, ie objects that are built without … Continue reading

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Lazy Loading and Virtual Proxy Querying in Entity Framework 4

I’ve been kicking the tyres on Entity Framework 4, and have become a bit ambivalent about a few of it’s features – lazy loading and the virtual proxy implementation. I’m using EF 4 code first in a service tier with … Continue reading

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Configuring Entity Framework 4 ‘CodeFirst’

In this post I’m going to cover configuring Entity Framework “CodeFirst”. Custom column name Custom storage type Custom table name Data constraints Ignore a property Turning cascade delete off One to one mapping Inheritance Mapping Table per class heirarchy Table … Continue reading

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Inititializing the DbContext

This is part of a series of posts regarding the new Entity Framework 4 Code First Framework. In my last post I showed the simplest EF 4Code First demonstration. I’m going to flesh the example out a bit over the … Continue reading

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