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A few ideas to improve NHibernate performance

I’m currently working a project with a major focus on insert – throughput and I’d thought I mention a few things I’ve done to improve that throughout that are departures from your typical CRUD .Net application. Don’t use identities. They … Continue reading

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NHibernate vs EntityFramework – Experience From the Real World

I got asked today what I considered in choosing NHibernate or Entity Framework. This is a modified version of my response. General Function Both are object relational mappers capable of working with POCO objects, ie objects that are built without … Continue reading

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Configuring Entity Framework 4 ‘CodeFirst’

In this post I’m going to cover configuring Entity Framework “CodeFirst”. Custom column name Custom storage type Custom table name Data constraints Ignore a property Turning cascade delete off One to one mapping Inheritance Mapping Table per class heirarchy Table … Continue reading

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