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Configuring Entity Framework 4 ‘CodeFirst’

In this post I’m going to cover configuring Entity Framework “CodeFirst”. Custom column name Custom storage type Custom table name Data constraints Ignore a property Turning cascade delete off One to one mapping Inheritance Mapping Table per class heirarchy Table … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping Unity 2.0

Unity 2.0 features a nice(r) fluent configuration – similar to StructureMap. These run time configuration and registration methods are great, but they have a draw back in that they need to be bootstrapped differently according to the runtime environment. For … Continue reading

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Inititializing the DbContext

This is part of a series of posts regarding the new Entity Framework 4 Code First Framework. In my last post I showed the simplest EF 4Code First demonstration. I’m going to flesh the example out a bit over the … Continue reading

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